Serveis i Components Arbúcies company was founded on year 2008, offering any kind of solutions to every type of metallurgical projects

We have 1.000 m2 installations, completely equipped with skilled machinery specific for metallic plate transformation for steel, inox and aluminium



To have a total control regarding quality, we have included the required processes for production execution; we take over internally the folded, round turning, plate shearing, bending and welding in different tecnologies (Tig, Mig/Mag, Resistence, bolts) and final assembly.

It allows to have a total control on the production line from the beginning of the process up to the dispatch.  

Our services


High quality produced products and also the excellence are the base of our business. All our activities are run by the respect to the business, social and environmental fields.

We search for innovation and professionalism. We base on our tradition as a metallurgical company

Our Markets


Àrea de Promoció i Desenvolupament Local de l'Ajuntament d'Arbúcies.

Empresa Associada a la Federació Patronal Metal·lúrgica de la Província de Girona.